Ferrari 599 GTO

August 4, 2015 admin 0 Comment

Ferrari 599 GTO


Rumours abound that Ferrari is giving the GTO treatment to its F12 supercar. Some might argue that a 730bhp V12 Fezza dripping in fancy electronics doesn’t need a poke up the backside. Those people are clearly too mature.

While we wait to see exactly what Maranello has rustled up, here’s a hark back to when TG’s tame racing driver got to grips with the car that came before the F12, the 599 GTO.

Suffixing such an iconic set of letters to the end of its V12 GT car could have been a recipe for disappointment. Producing 50bhp more while weighing 100kg less than standard, though, with an even more stimulating driving experience as a result, disappointment was conspicuous by its absence.

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