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McLaren Special Operations gets… specialer You’re probably familiar with McLaren’s MSO branch. As well as offering some light aesthetic meddling for the 12C, 650S and P1, it’s also responsible for the utterly eye-scrambling X-1. Special project divisions have rapidly made themselves a staple of the industry, as sports car makers scramble to cash in on the lucrative personalisation business. The MSO division was ahead of the curve on launch, and it’s now being widened to match demand. More precisely, it’s […]

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One-off McLaren P1 heading to Pebble Worried your 903bhp hypercar looks just too common? Why not slather it in 24-carat gold? Three years ago at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, McLarenannounced its cunning plan to rid very rich people of their richness. It was called McLaren Special Operations (MSO), a bespoke tailoring service that can make your McLaren a one-off for the exact price of roughly £Whatever-The-Hell-Big-Ron wants. MSO’s spectrum is pretty vast. From small things like a personalised paint tones, […]

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Here comes the McLaren P1 GTR The first digital scribble of the 986bhp track-only hyper-hybrid. For when a normal P1 just isn’t enough   Last month McLaren confirmed it will build a track-only variant of the ballistic P1. In essence, Ron Dennis unfurled his carbon fibre quill, and wrote a letter to all 375 owners of the ‘normal’ P1 wondering if they’d be interested in a yet-faster race version of the hyper-hybrid. And the owners said, ‘Do bears defecate in arboreal regions? […]

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