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SRT Super Car . SRT’s 2,590bhp Vision GT SRT, Chrysler’s answer to Merc’s AMG department, has designed a racecar of the future. And it has been designed to break you into lots of little pieces. Please be upstanding – or hiding-behind-the-sofa-in-fear – for the SRT Tomahawk. Commissioned as one of the excellent Vision GT cars exclusively for Gran Turismo 6 – to run alongside entries from Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and Chevrolet – the SRT Tomahawk has been designed with one aim: “to test the […]

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The new Bugatti is coming in 2016 Head of VW Group design confirms next hypercar is on its way. And it will be ‘art’ Get ready. The head of Volkswagen Group design has confirmed to that work on the next Bugatti model is well underway, with an expected launch in early 2016. Walter de Silva, who has headed up VW Group’s design since 2007, said “we’re working hard at Bugatti, but don’t worry, it’s coming. I cannot predict exactly, but at […]

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Here comes the McLaren P1 GTR The first digital scribble of the 986bhp track-only hyper-hybrid. For when a normal P1 just isn’t enough   Last month McLaren confirmed it will build a track-only variant of the ballistic P1. In essence, Ron Dennis unfurled his carbon fibre quill, and wrote a letter to all 375 owners of the ‘normal’ P1 wondering if they’d be interested in a yet-faster race version of the hyper-hybrid. And the owners said, ‘Do bears defecate in arboreal regions? […]

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