Month: April 2015


Vision GT car 41,000,000,000 miles raced online and 70,000 million units sold over the course of 15 years. And this is how Kazunori Yamauchi likes to celebrate. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Vision GTs from Gran Turismo 6. Kazunori, of course, is the creator of the legendary PlayStation racing title, and last year for the 15th […]

bmw i8 price

BMW i8 BMW i8 Price: £104,540 Specs: 362bhp, 420lb ft, 0-62mph 4.4secs, 155mph top speed, 134.5mpg, CO2 49g/km It’s a sports car people, but not as we know it. The petrol-electric hybrid BMW i8 is enthralling, intoxicating and enjoyable in whole new ways. Think of it as a 918 Spyder for a sixth of the […]

amg gt mercedes

AMGs future plans : Mercedes AMG has confirmed to that a ‘GT3′ typeAMG GT road car will appear in 2016. AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed to TG that a prototype car spotted testing around the Nurburging is indeed a harder, faster version of the new 510bhp rear-wheel-drive AMG supercar, though he wouldn’t be pushed on a total power […]