Month: March 2015

ferrari 488 gtb

Ferrari 488 GTB  2016 Power and Speed The new engine is smaller than its predecessor, and its displacement of 488 cubic centimeters per cylinder gives the car its name: 488GTB. Multiplied by eight, that works out to 3902 cc for the new 90-degree V-8, which is mated to, as was the 458’s V-8, a seven-speed […]

ford mustang

The first 725bhp Mustang Here’s the very first production version of a tuned Mustang that produces more power than a Lamborghini Huracan and punches dangerously close to an Aventador SV. It’s called the ‘Rocket’. It’s the brainchild of Galpin Auto Sports, the tuning arm of the largest Ford dealer in the US, designed by Henrik […]


the SCG-003 supercar Ahead of its full debut at the Geneva show on Tuesday, allow us to present our new favourite supercar, the SCG-003. The what? OK, maybe the name could do with a bit of a polish, but the rest of it is more than worthy of your attention, for all the usual reasons […]