Month: February 2015


turbo Huracan is here Here is a shiny black Lamborghini Huracan modified to 838bhp and boasting a 0-62mph time to give a Veyron food for thought. Wham, bam and, indeed, thank you ma’am. It’s part of a ‘refining programme’ (their words, not ours) for the new baby Lamborghini by Swiss tuning firm Mansory, who surely require no introduction. […]

jaguar f type

Jaguar F-Type 4WD Why has the F-Type gained 4WD? To allow the V8 model to drive in a straight line. OK, I’m being facetious. Slightly. But four-wheel drive is a no-brainer these days. From the Audi R8 and Lambo Huracan to the Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R, 4WD shows you’re serious about traction. Up until now it […]