Month: January 2015

Lotus F1

new Lotus F1 car Winter is a great time for some sports. Skiing, for instance. And who doesn’t enjoy a bit of rink bandy or snow snake? It’s not so grand forFormula 1, though. But with 2015 car reveals beginning, it’s a sure sign that motorsport’s premier competition isn’t far away. And here’s Lotus’s new […]

acura nsx

how the new Honda NSX was born They say a year is a long time in show business. Well, it’s even longer in the world of cars. And you know what’s longer than a year? Nine years. Nine years. That’s how long we’ve been waiting since Honda announced it would build a successor to one […]

Classic Car

Highlights from the Classic Car Show Head to London’s Excel Arena this weekend and you’ll find the first ever London Classic Car Show. As well as a hall full of classic cars of all vintages to walk around and grab the occasional selfie with, there’s a range of exhibitions. James May’s ‘cars that changed the […]

mercedes benz

This is Merc’s self-driving concept The German car industry isn’t known for being particularly touchy-feely, and the guys in charge haven’t got where they are today by running a side-line in stand-up comedy. But as Mercedes chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche took to the stage in Las Vegas last night, his co-host was a one-eyed robot, and the […]

hyper cars competition

New TG mag: Porsche 918 vs LaFerrari vs McLaren P1! In this month’s issue of Top Gear magazine, we bring you a true world-exclusive: the three most insane hypercars ever built, going head-to-head. Yes, after endless negotiations, phone calls and months of planning, we finally have the 918, LaFerrari and P1 in one place and ready […]