Month: November 2014


Storm chasing in a Lamborghini Huracan Nobody manufactures inappropriate hysteria quite like American TV news, and as we landed in Phoenix, Arizona, the local stations were filled with gamely hysterical bulletins and frenzied on-the-spot reporting of an “extreme weather event” during the previous night. Men and women with glow-in-the-dark teeth expounded breathlessly on light property […]

honda motor

This is Infiniti’s racecar of the future Infiniti has designed a future racer able to compete in rally, circuit and even ‘Gymkhana-style’ jet-air courses. It’s not a race car, it’s a race… thing. Internet, meet the Infiniti ‘Synaptiq’. Perhaps you require some context, then. It was rendered for this year’s LA Motor Show Design Challenge to answer the question of how […]

google car

car rental . games car . cars . Mercedes AMG GT3 lands in 2016 This will get confusing very quickly, so please pay attention. Mercedes-Benz has announced that the Mercedes-AMG GT3 – the racing version of the new Mercedes-AMG GT – will launch in 2016. That’s a lot of AMGs and GTs in one sentence, […]

LaFerrari vs McLaren vs Porsche

LaFerrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 This feels like a big one. Given that I’ve not been this excited since I discovered the little-known toffee-chocolate HobNob, there must be something in it. And it’s a very specific set of circumstances. Each of these three cars has been driven by Top Gear magazine (and every […]

Jaguar Coupe

Jaguar is building a 4WD F-Type Two pieces of interlinked excellence to report. Jaguar is teaming up with the Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record team, and, in the process, confirming one of the worst kept secrets around – there will be a four-wheel-drive F-Type. The partnership with Bloodhound goes beyond pure sponsorship and into technical assistance. We reckon […]