Month: August 2014

Corvette Stingray Test

Corvette Stingray Automatic Following the industry trend – driven by ever lower emissions and greater performance – Chevy has slotted a new eight-speed automatic transmission in place of the old six-cog auto changer into the Stingray (and its heavy V8 trucks). But shunning the same trend to use a ZF gearbox and just run their […]

Le Mans

The best looking racing car in years? Perhaps. The Renaultsport R.S. 01 is a rather bonkers looking thing that’s had us feverishly wondering if our long-forgotten motorsport licences are still valid (happily for the rest of you, they’re not). It’s going to be the centrepiece of a new one-make racing series, the Renaultsport Trophy, which […]

Aston Martin One77 Test

Aston Martin One-77 What is it? It’s the car Aston Martin didn’t want us to drive. So, we drove it. But, in doing so, what aspect wowed us the most? Yes, the way it looks. The One-77 is blatantly exotic: poking around it, you can’t help feeling there’s very little visual or physical flab. Gather […]

Ferrari LMP1 Review

Ferrari LMP1 will make you squeak Words haven’t really returned to us just yet, so excuse us if the remainder of this story is drivel. But above, you will notice what looks like Ferrari’s Le Mans car of the future. It’s not. As in, it’s in NO WAY OFFICIAL. But is in every way excellent. […]

Bugatti Legends The Nombers

It’s the final Bugatti Legends edition Well, sort of. This is, at least, the last in the ‘Legends’ line of Veyrons. Last year at Pebble Beach, Bugatti announced six special edition models would be built, in very limited numbers, celebrating Bugatti’s past heroes. You can read about the others here, here,here, here and, um, here. One year later, and at […]

Bentley Mulsanne The Road

Bentley Mulsanne Calling a special edition the Driving Specification would, for most cars, seem tautological in the extreme. What does that make the standard model? The Non-Driving Specification? But the Bentley Mulsanne is not most cars. Forget driving: the owner of a Mulsanne will more likely be found lounging in its throne-like rear. So the […]

McLaren P1 Test

One-off McLaren P1 heading to Pebble Worried your 903bhp hypercar looks just too common? Why not slather it in 24-carat gold? Three years ago at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, McLarenannounced its cunning plan to rid very rich people of their richness. It was called McLaren Special Operations (MSO), a bespoke tailoring service that can make […]

Aston Martin Vanquish The Numbers

Aston Martin Vanquish What’s this? It’s refresh time for the Vanquish. Out goes the old six-speed ‘box, in goes a new quick-and-smooth eight-speed auto from ZF. It’s one of the best. But it looks the same as always… Bar some trim updates and new alloy wheels options, it has the same pretty face and lovely […]

BMW 2 Series Coupe Details

BMW 2-Series Coupe   I averaged 48mpg after a week of commuting in the 220d, the middlemost diesel version of the Car Formerly Known As 1-Series Coupe. With the official economy standing at 59mpg, this could be viewed as a pitiful failure. But, with the exception of weirdy-beardy plug-in hybrid stuff, 48mpg is a record […]

Volkswagen Polo Horsepower

Volkswagen Polo The VW Polo has had a facelift… or 
we’re led to believe it has, because the differences are so tiny that even VW employees were struggling to explain the alterations to us. Apparently, the front bumper has been tweaked, and so has the rear. Anyway, there’s bigger news under the skin, where we […]