Month: July 2014

Nissan X Trail in the Road

Nissan X-Trail Think of the new X-Trail as a beefed-up Qashqai, and you’ll be about right. They share the same platform, and the family resemblance is obvious. But park them side by side, and the X-Trail comes up higher and longer, a clue to the optional third row of seats lurking in the boot. So […]

Ferrari California Test

Ferrari California Self-appointed guardians of Ferrari’s soul gave the company a right kicking when it launched the California five years ago. Apparently, to build a relatively usable convertible was none of Ferrari’s business. Even though some of its past greats, like the 330 GTS and 250 GT California, were exactly that format. And, actually, the California […]

BMW 4Series Coupe

BMW 4 Series Coupe BMW is disgorging so many new models, it’s running out of numbers. After i3 and i8 and X4, I dunno what it’ll call the upcoming front-drive hatches. So how come BMW is wantonly spending precious new numbers on cars that already had perfectly good badges? The 3-Series Coupe has become, by […]

Mazda CX 5

Mazda CX-5 s the Mazda CX-5 exciting? Not in a normal way. But if you’ve caught a glimpse of the score already and scanned the verdict, you might be giving some thought to reading the rest of this review. And you should, because the CX-5 should be on your shortlist if you’re buying a family […]

Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche 911 Turbo Porsche 911 Turbo S road tested The 911 Turbo S is blindingly fast. I mean that not as a figure of speech, but quite literally. This car blinds you. Human eyes cannot cope with the sheer force of detonating from a standstill past 60mph in three seconds, the Turbo S flinging itself […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI In an era of 276bhp Astra VXRs and 247bhp Focus STs, the base Golf GTI – with its 217bhp turbo 4cyl – looks, on paper at least, like a relic from the early years of the Noughties: a time when Von Dutch was cool and MSN messaging was seen as a legitimate […]

Mercedes Benz G

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Up until now, the best chance you’d have to get to drive this monster 6×6 AMG would be to join the Australian army, which signed a contract with Daimler in 2008 to procure 2,100 of these unstoppable desert chasers. But now Mercedes has decided – rather brilliantly – to make a civilian version, […]

Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT 86 The GT86 was always going to be a magnet for tuners and tweakers. And Toyota actively encourages it. Even before its launch, Toyota showed Japanese tuner companies the GT86 blueprints so they could get cracking on an ecosystem of bolt-ons. Most carmakers would like to hog the aftermarket to themselves, but Tetsuya […]

Nissan note nismo announced 2014

Nissan prepares the Note Nismo   Nismo, Nissan’s official tuning arm, has announced that it will build a sporty, modified version of its Note mini-MPV. It’s called the NoteNismo. Yep, you can brush aside you GT-R Nismo and 370Z Nismo; now the game’s all about mini-MPVs. Nissan has confirmed that this little speed-merchant will be available in […]

Bugatti Veyron 2016

The new Bugatti is coming in 2016 Head of VW Group design confirms next hypercar is on its way. And it will be ‘art’ Get ready. The head of Volkswagen Group design has confirmed to that work on the next Bugatti model is well underway, with an expected launch in early 2016. Walter de Silva, who […]